Meet the Cofounders

Meet the visionary solar musicians behind Tetra

Douglas Butner, known as Gudasol, is a grown-up coding prodigy. At age 16, Douglas built + launched a web app that generated online communities for every high school in the USA.

Since this first foray into locale-centric apps, Douglas has been dedicated to understanding + commanding reality to help humanity advance. He published a complete model of the geometry of universal consciousness, and made a career as an online teacher of art + music. Douglas launched, in December 2018, based on his dream app in highschool. Douglas designed and built the frontend using jQuery and the backend using the same tech he used in high school, PHP and MySQL.

Starting in 2020, Douglas worked on Tetra as a Collective Participation Income (CPI) system. Tetra built on ideas of the biomimetic currency system PURPLE Douglas designed for

Cofounder / Creative Director Alejandro Lozada is a film director and artist, serving as creative director at Tetra. Alejandro brings new ideas and culture to Tetra, and is working to expand the Tetra team, bringing our latest partnership with NeaXLab.

The cofounders are musicians on Spotify as Gudasol and Hombre Solar

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