🪙TETRA token release

Get in the rocket. 🚀

Henry Ford's Model T and the assembly line shaped our society by making a once-exclusive product (automobiles) widely accessible.

Tetra is like the automobile for blockchain, revolutionizing the spread of ideas like a tokenized assembly line.

More than mechanisms to manage deliverables, Tetra challenges you to share your unique value and build mutual-benefit bonds with peers.

RA sits at the center of this assembly line, valuable for influencing the spread of ideas and cultivation of culture on tetra.earth.

We believe that connecting people standing on the same ground beneath your feet is more valuable to society than iris scanning.

What is TETRA?

TETRA is a SAFE token, with bridges coming to your favorite chains. (Binance, Solana, + more)

TETRA is available in a private sale as a locked token, and in public sale as a liquid token.


In the future, 1.000 TETRA can be converted for 1,000 up to 10,000 RA

The rate starts at 1000 RA / TETRA, and raises by 1000 each year over the next 9 years


Blockchain: WAX

Max supply 8,000,000 TETRA

Spot Trading: Alcor DEX

Alignment Test

How much time do you spend thinking about the impact of your investment, versus the gains?

We Our private sale offers tokens at a crazy discount from the public release

Message from Gudasol

As a builder since age 16, and weaver of life-like (biomimetic) tokenomics and useful NFT, I've built enough to know that I will never have the best solution for every situation. I feel the same about content algorithms and culture. The smartest human, or the best bot would never be able to create a random set of music in a way that any audience would love it every time. So instead of trying to design a clever algorithm, I thought about the geometry and visualized where attention is flowing through the world. From our forefather, artisan web app cXc.world, we now level up to the next evolution of sharing joy with Tetra. Tetra sources the knowledge of the masses, weaving grids of connection, mutual benefit, and continual discovery by overlaying competitions over the world's social systems.

Our token system is the first time a globalized collection of nation-based currencies has been envisioned that is in no way linked to or backed by fiat currency.

The system is designed to slowly inflate overtime and rapidly deflate in voting, but we, Tetra Grids (our official name), still need funding it the rest of the app up and running. To honor the distribution of the currency, and all participants, we have decided to create a locking system where the longer the token is locked, the better rate it's available. - 🜛 Gudasol, co-founder & CTO

⟁ You can own Tetra by purchasing it at the safe-locking contract [TBA, manual whitelist]

⚛️ A significant amount of Tetra will be airdropped to accounts holding PURPLE

RA token will not be part of any sale, only issued by the system as written. This is the only way to purchase a RA-backed token.

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