👋Welcome to Tetra

Tetra helps citizens raises awareness for projects.

Your ups (upvotes) get the word out about what creators are doing, spuring organic engagement.

Tetra makes Ideas real

Upvotes work similar to reddit with r/ being your community. RA is one tokenized upvote. Earn RA while Raising Awareness for the people + projects you're passionate about.

Your Mission

Complete the Fourth World, so Earth can carry forward multi-cultural abundance + economic stability into the age of Aquarius.


Raise Awareness (RA) within your community, bringing people together to create + enjoy life.


Localized transparent competitive economies for awareness

Creators 🛠️ Start a public tree-style project

  • Branches (teams) produce Seasonal deliverables (fruit) every 3 months

  • System-wide funding in RA is directed by supporters who list your project

  • You can sell through the system, in RA, or link to your existing solution

Supporters 🤝 Cultivate Culture in your community

  • Earn RA by curating a list of projects you want to Raise Awareness for

  • Taste fruit (deliverables) from projects you support + rate 0-100 each season

  • Gain exclusive channels and join the community

Have a stake in your community. 🏘

Your decisions cultivate new culture on tetra.earth.

Life is your adventure ⛰🔥⛰ play to find the way.

Bring collective desires to reality. ❤️‍🔥 with human tech.

Walk with Tetra ☀️

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