Be Early on TETRA

If you were late on BTC, ETH, or SOL, don't be late on TETRA.

TETRA is available in different amounts to different players.

🪙 Airdrop Rewards

Holder TypeAmount HeldTETRA DroppedEst. Value


200 Purple


~10,000 WAX


2000 Purple

2000 TETRA

~200,000 WAX


1000 WAX

1 TETRA per 1000 WAX (Max 10k WAX)

~100-1,000 WAX

* - WAX airdrop requires registration, PURPLE is automatic

🦸 Be a Leader in the New World

Known for progressive tokenomics (and Mystic Rap,) CTO Gudasol went all-out designing a global financial playground, with localized markets for Awareness.

TETRA gets you on the ground floor.

😊 Get on the List


🔑 Hold 200+ PURPLE in your WAX account on May 5, 2026

⟁ Join together with TETRA

We'll be opening roles soon, allowing you to serve with purpose and earn with potential.

Public sale

TETRA will be listed on Alcor at 100-200 WAXP/TETRA in the first public round on Alcor.

Private sale

There's up to an 80% discount for TETRA community members that lock their tokens for 2+ years in a SAFE contract. You'll need to be a level 3 ambassador, or be a Tetra Citizen + be approved by a cofounder to access this price.

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